Al-Suwaidi Paper Factory., established in 2001, is a division of Al Suwaidi Group of Companies and is one of the largest manufacturers of Kraft Paper, Fluting media and Test Liner in QATAR. Al-Suwaidi Recycling provide paper recycling services to a wide range of businesses, including major retailers, printers, malls with collection and pick up service. Al-Suwaidi Papercollects, consumes and processes this recovered paper and is used in our mills to make recyclable products that people depend on each day in domestic and foreign markets.
The company produces high qualities of Test Liner, Core Boards, Unbleached Core board, Fluting media, and Absorbent Kraft in different basis weights as per catalog which is tested and approved for quality offering diverse range of weights, trim widths,recycled content levels and specifications that meet both domestic and international requirement. Al-Suwaidi Paper is the only mill producing Unbleached Core Board in Higher GSM range Up to – 400 GSM in QATAR & GCC region where there is vast demand &catersthe customer requirements. Al-Suwaidi Paper has 2 facilities : ASP Pm-1 Mill currently producing 18000 MT / Annum with work force of 250 employees located in Old Industrial Area , DOHA , QATAR.
ASP Pm-2 Mill is new machine with production capacity of 80,000 MT / Annum which produces High quality Fluting Media, Test Liner, Non Absorbent Kraft, Core Board to domestic & GCC market where there is good demand and also serve to International Customers. Our Team having massive experience and we professional serve our clients by offering eco-friendly, tailor made services to reach their exclusive needs and our products are supplied to potential customers throughout QATAR. AL-SUWAIDI collects,consumes and markets recycle paper and will be the leading producer of quality recycle paper in QATAR using recycle base fiber and to promote packaging and paper products to meet market demand and adapt to changing needs of the customers and market we serve. Our manufacturing process ensuring environmental friendly and manufacture to serve packaging industry for products that people depend.


"We see waste as a valuable resource, and hence produce Kraft paper which can be used for many purposes" Al-Suwaidi Paper Factory produces Fluting, Test liner, and Kraft liner which are essential components of corrugated cartons. Al-Suwaidi Paper Factory also produces Unbleached Cardboard which is converted into textile bobbins and paper tubes for various applications. Al-Suwaidi Paper Factory is currently developing newer products and varieties of industrial application kraft papers which will be outside the realmof corrugated packaging yet complement its production facilities.




Al Suwaidi Paper Factory PM # 1 is located in Old Industrial Area, it was Established in 2001, A division of the Al Suwaidi Group of Companies that specializes in the manufacturing of Kraft Paper, Fluting Media & Test Liner for the Packing Industry, the company was producing high quality Fluting Media & Test Liner till 2005.  The mill was producing 18000 M.Tons per Annum.

Later on switched over to higher GSM paper called as Unbleached Core Board due to vast demand in the GCC market.  Al Suwaidi is the only producer in Qatar & GCC who can produce up to 400 GSM which is lacking in other mills.

Al Suwaidi Paper Factory PM # 2 was successfully commissioned in 2017.  It is located in New Industrial Area and the mill is producing 80,000 M.Tons per Annum. The Production Range is 110 GSM to 400GSM of High quality Fluting, Test Liner, Non-Absorbent Kraft, White Top paper and Core Board to cater the local as well as the GCC Market.

With our massive experience, we professionally serve our clients by offering eco-friendly, tailor made services to meet exclusive customer needs.  Our Products are supplied to the potential customers throughout Qatar & Abroad.






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  • Our Vision is to effectively spread out the benefits of paper recycling.

  • Our vision is to accomplish fame in the recycling world.

  • Our vision is to accomplish a hygienic atmosphere.

  • Our mission is to make the world a better place to live.

  • Our mission is to create a better future.

  • Our mission is to minimize global destruction.

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